Account Number Generator


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Account Number Generator

Populate field with unique ID numbers using field values, date components, user information, and/or a sequence number.

Account Number Generator® creates a unique ID or account number:

  • for the current record or the current lookup, and
  • can be used with Contact, Group or Company records, and
  • can be run from the toolbar, the menu, as a field trigger or on an event (like autopopulate when a new record is created).

You control the type of unique ID that is created. It can be a simple sequential number (1, 2, 3 or 0001, 0002, 003). Or you can create an ID based on a combinations of things, including the date and/or time, the user ID or name, or a field value. You can also include numbers or constants if you like. You control how the ID is generated, so that it meets your unique requirements.

Use the wizard interface to define any number of "triggers" to activate Account Number Generator. Put a trigger on a field activity (on entering, on leaving or on changing the field value), assign it to a toolbar icon or menu item, or activate it when an Act! "event" occurs (such as when a New Contact record is created). Each trigger can operate on the current record (Contact, Company, or Group), or current Lookup (of Contacts, Companies, or Groups).

Alternate Use: You could use this program to create unique numbers for every record in your database. Then when you export your records to a third party source (such as CASS to evaluate the accuracy of your addresses), you have a matching field for more accurate importing of changes and updates.


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