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Age Today

Calculates the elapsed time (or AGE) based on the Birth Date (or other date field) and displays it in the specified field in an Act! record.

  • Need to know how old a contact is?
  • Need to know how long a contact has been a client?
  • Need to know how much time has elapsed between two date fields in your database?

Age Today® reads the value of any date field, determines the age-in-years as of "today", and stores the results into a separate field. (If your database doesn't already have an "Age" field, you'll need to add it.)

Age Today can also calculate the span of time between two specific date fields and display the value in a third field, using the defined unit of time that you specify (days, months, or years).

Use the wizard interface to define any number of "triggers" to activate Age Today. Put a trigger on a field activity (on entering, on leaving or on changing the field value), assign it to a toolbar icon or menu item, or activate it when an Act! "event" occurs (such as when a New Contact record is created). Each trigger can operate on the current record (Contact, Company, or Group), or current Lookup (of Contacts, Companies, or Groups).

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