Auto Fill Fields


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Auto Fill Fields

Automatically load any number of Act! fields with values determined by the contents of some other field.

Now you can speed up your data entry tasks by setting up Auto Fill Fields specifications for any number of fields in your Act! databases. Tell Auto Fill Fields which field holds the "independent" value (such as the Zip Code) and which fields depend on that value (such as City and State). Then provide the series of determining and dependent values (such as 94105/San Francisco/CA).

You can reference fields from the "current" Contact, Group, or Company record in the same Auto Fill Fields specification, making it easy to update Company and Group information based on Contact information, and vice versa.

Use the wizard interface to define any number of "triggers" to activate Age Today. Put a trigger on a field activity (on entering, on leaving or on changing the field value), assign it to a toolbar icon or menu item, or activate it when an Act! "event" occurs (such as when a New Contact record is created). Each trigger can operate on the current record (Contact, Company, or Group), or current Lookup (of Contacts, Companies, or Groups).


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