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Company Wizard Plus

Creates Companies and Links Contacts for your entire database -- all at once!

Do you use Company Records? If so, you should know about Company Wizard Plus. Most of us end up with some 'widowed' contacts -- contacts needing to be linked to existing companies or companies created and contacts linked. Act! only allows you to do this one at a time. But with just a quick pass of Company Wizard Plus, you can create Companies and link Contacts -- en masse! A huge time-saver!

Company Wizard Plus updates your entire database; elevating and creating Company Records and linking Contacts. It even UNLINKs Contacts from Companies. Great for cleaning up imported lists! See exactly what was done in a report at the end of the process.

Company Wizard Plus is easy to use! Simply locate Company Wizard Plus on the Tools menu when in a Contact List view in Act!, select the contacts you wish to work with, and you'll have the following options:

  • Link contacts to existing Company Records
  • Choose up to 3 fields to match on, none of which have to be Company Name
  • Create Company if one does not exist and then Link Contacts.
  • Bypass Contacts with blank Company or Contact Records.
  • Copy all Act! Default Fields that are created when using Contact/Create Company from Contact
  • Copy additional fields: Phone, Extension, Fax Phone, Fax Extension, and ID/Status
  • Mass unlink selected Contacts from the Contact List
  • Delete Selected Companies -- multiple companies deleted in one operation (This function is built in to Act! v16 and Newer. CWP allows mass company delete this for earlier versions)

Full report shows what was done: Once Company Wizard Plus has run, a menu box appears showing how many Company Records were created and how many Contacts were linked or skipped.


Update Linked Contacts function:

  • Update linked fields on linked Contacts for the Companies displayed in the current Company list. This is a mass push of field contents from Company records to Contact records. There is an option to only fill blank fields in the Contact record from the linked field in the Company record although this is not the default or recommended action for this function

Update Linked Companies function:

  • Update linked fields on linked Companies for the Contacts displayed in the current Contact list. This is a mass push of the field contents from the Contact record to the Company record. There is an option to only fill blank fields in the Company record from the linked field in the Contact record, and this is the default and recommended action for this function.

Flatten Company Hierarchy function:

  • This function takes all the divisions and sub-divisions of the displayed Company Detail record and rearranges them so that result is that all divisions and sub-divisions are now immediate children of the parent company. The result is a two-level Parent Company with Divisions structure.

Find Companies with no Linked or Associated Contacts:

  • This function searches for Companies with no linked or associated Contacts and makes the result the current Company Lookup, possibly so that the next action is Delete Selected Companies.

Delete Selected Companies:

  • This function is a mass delete of selected Company records from the current Company Lookup.

Set Multiple Company Limited Access:

  • Set the Company Limited Access for the selected Companies in the current Company Lookup to the specified set of Users and/or Teams.  This is to complement the built-in Set Public or Set Private operations.


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