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CompanyMaker & NEW! CompanyMakerPro

Create Companies automatically and populate them with contacts from your Act! database!

One of the great features of Act! is the Company feature.

Companies can be used in a number of different ways. One of the many ways that Companies can be used is by creating Companies to keep information pertaining to the company itself -- such as the company address, number of employees, years in business, and so forth.

If you have a database of 1000 contacts belonging to 400 companies, it can take quite a while to create those 400 Companies and add the contacts to them. That’s where CompanyMaker comes in.

CompanyMaker lets you select a lookup of contacts tocreate Companies from automatically and then add the contacts to the Companies in either a linked or non-linked mode. CompanyMaker creates the Company based on matching the company name field from the current lookup of contacts (if you want to use the entire database, do a lookup all) and then adds the contacts to the Companies. If the company already exists, CompanyMaker will just add the contacts to the company as linked or non-linked, based on your choice.

For example, if you create a customer lookup, you could use CompanyMaker to create company records for all of your customers; and the contacts that belong to those companies would be added to the company as either linked contacts or non-linked contacts.

CompanyMaker automatically creates an entry on your Tools menu for easy access.


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