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Edit Append Field

Quickly and easily add or remove an item to or from a multi-select dropdown field on every record in a lookup.

You can use the Edit > Replace menu option to "mass update" a lookup of records, replacing the selected field's value on each record with a single, new value.

You can use the Edit > Copy menu option to copy the value one field to another on each record in your lookup.

But "multi-select drop down list" fields offer a special challange, when you need to ADD a value to the existing choices, without discupting those earlier choices. Or when you need to REMOVE a single value from those already selected.

Edit Append Field fills this gap in Act! functionality, by providing a facility to insert/append/add OR remove one of the drop down list items to or from the field on each record.

Use an intuitive "wizard" interface to define any number of "triggers" to activate Edit Append Field. Put a trigger on a field activity (enter, change, leave), toolbar icon, menu item or other Act! "event" (such as New Contact or switch Group record). Each trigger can operate on the "current" record (contact, company, group), or current Lookup (of contacts, companies, groups).

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