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Layout Manager

Make Act! easier, faster and more informative by automatically changing the layout based on field content on the current Act! record.

Layout Manager automatically changes the layout for the Contact Detail, Company Detail and Group Detail views in Act!, based on the value in the selected field on the current record.

Using the Preferences window, you determine which field should be used in each Act! Detail view to control which layout is shown, and the default layout to use when the selected field doesn't match any available layout. Layout Manager takes over, and as you move from record to record, the layout automatically changes.

Now the Finance department can immediately see if the contact they are viewing has a good or bad credit rating, and have different fields displayed and available for editing. The Sales department can immediately see whether the company has a high or low revenue potential. The Support department can immediately see whether the contact they are viewing has an open issue and see different fields for opening a new "ticket" or updating and existing one.

You get complete control over the what you see and how you see it, making Act! easier, faster and more informative.

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