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Sales Automation Manager

Perfect Followup ... made easy!™

Sales Automation Manager (SAM) adds to Act! the power to automatically schedule activities and generate correspondence according to patterns (called "campaigns") that you define.


Act! is a great contact manager, but it requires that you manually create follow-up activities after a customer interaction (i.e.; a "touch point"). As you probably know, it’s nearly impossible for a busy salesperson to do follow-up consistently and well.

Because SAM lets you predefine follow-up steps for any situation at a touch point, SAM, unlike any other Act! add-on, finally gives you Perfect Followup…made easy!®.

Sales Automation

SAM's goal is to "automate everything that can be, so the salesperson/ACT user can be most efficient". Our Sales Automation Manager Act! addon finally gives you “true sales automation" with Act!

Here are some of the automation features that Sales Automation Manager provides:

  • Look at fields and choose next steps.
  • Wait a number of days.
  • Schedule a Call, Meeting, or To-do.
  • Merge and send emails, letters, or faxes
  • Assign different record managers to incoming leads - in round-robin fashion, or by zip code, state, etc.
  • Much more…

Sales Automation Manager's features can help you implement campaigns like these:

  • Turn new Prospects into Customers
  • Implement “Drip Marketing” for your new prospects
  • Periodically stay in touch with your best customers
  • Send out your monthly newsletter
  • Send out monthly "dunning notices" for overdue invoices
  • Automatically schedule a long series of To-Dos needed to fulfill an order
  • Automate client portfolio reviews for a financial analyst
  • Automate the loan processing workflow for a mortgage broker
  • Automatically generate and send birthday cards
  • Watch for upcoming meetings and then email reminders to participants
  • Remind customers to renew service contracts or renew maintenance contracts

Marketing Automation

Sales Automation Manager was originally designed to automate the sales process, and its powerful features can also implement marketing automation. Here’s a recipe for achieving "total marketing automation" with SAM:

  • Generate marketing collateral to get prospects to visit your web site.
  • Design a web form to gather their contact information, and especially, to ask "qualifying questions" that indicate the size of the opportunity or urgency.
  • Set up Web Prospect to automatically merge the data from the web form into Act! and insert the contact into the Prospects campaign.
  • Design the Prospects campaign to "triage" contacts - route highly qualified leads to your valuable salespeople for telephone follow-up, and route the lower priority leads to an automated email campaign.

SAM’s flexibility lets you customize campaigns, including “drip” campaigns. For example, SAM can send out personalized letters from your company President, from the CTO, from a specific salesperson, or from a sales engineer.

With careful design, you can reserve your valuable direct human interaction for only the most important clients or the most important touch points.

A Completely Automated Sales and Marketing Solution

If your goal is to implement a fully automated marketing and/or sales automation solution, you can save money by purchasing the Sales Automation Bundle.

Office Workflow

Sales Automation Manager can also automate the workflow of a whole company. Workflow is just a sequence of steps. Because Sales Automation Manager can look at database fields and make decisions about "next steps," it can automatically create Calls, Meetings, and To-dos, and it can guide each customer through the critical steps needed to execute an order. For example: many of our customers use SAM to automate mortgage loan fulfillment steps.

Sample Campaigns Included

Sales Automation Manager includes the following sample campaigns:

  • Birthday Card -- Sends a birthday card to each contact in the campaign 
  • Faxit -- Sends a fax to each contact in the campaign
  • Renewals -- Sends a reminder to renew an annual contract
  • Sample Annual Premium Notice -- Sends a reminder to renew an insurance premium
  • Sample Sell Condos -- Shows how to automate real estate sales
  • Sample Web Prospects -- Illustrates how to automate marketing to people who visit your website
  • Simple Email Followup -- Sends a sequence of emails to contacts
  • Status Reporter -- A campaign specially designed to send you status reports on the progress of your campaigns
  • Test -- A campaign that includes tests of various features, and which you can add to yourself

Optional Integration With Swiftpage Email

Sales Automation Manager integrates with the Swiftpage email service. So you can now send your emails using EITHER your own SMTP mailbox, OR via the Swiftpage service. Swiftpage is an email marketing solution fully integrated into Act!. Swiftpage gives you the tools to create templates using a simple online editor or allows you to import your own HTML, send to your contacts directly from Act! and track opens, clicks, bounces suppressed and more.

The combination of SAM with Swiftpage means Act! users can now get the combined benefits of SAM’s true sales/marketing automation with the other benefits of the Swiftpage email service. NOTE: Swiftpage support is only available in SAM for ACT 2007 (or newer). A separate subscription is required to use Swiftpage email.


We'd really like to simply sit down with you and explain SAM. So--next best case--we've recorded a series of videos you can play on your PC that explain SAM. These introductory videos can be found on the top right hand side of this page.

A series of videos you can play on your PC that explain SAM:


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