OAK!Merge Enterprise Salesforce Data Migration Kit


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OAK!Merge Enterprise/Salesforce Data Migration Kit

Converting from Salesforce to ACT! with one click. The OAK!Merge Salesforce data migration kit includes all the Salesforce users, accounts, contacts, leads, tasks, activity history, opportunities, and attachments. All this in a load and go, one click utility: OAK!Merge Enterprise.

It is a simple three step process:

  1. Download and install the OAK!Merge Salesforce Data Migration Kit.
  2. Unzip the contents of a full backup with attachments from Salesforce
  3. Click GO! to launch the Salesforce Data Migration Kit.

The standard versions of Salesforce for Contact, Group, Professional, and Enterprise work with the Migration kit. However not all versions of Salesforce have been mapped or tested. Special editions such as the Wealth Management or Not for profit editions of Salesforce have not been tested and will probably need adjustments to the standard field mappings supplied.

OAK!Merge Enterprise with Salesforce Data Migration kit:

  • Uses a standard data backup ZIP from Salesforce containing over 40 files and all the attachments.
  • Imports the Users from Salesforce and creates ACT! users, so the record managers in ACT! will match the Owners in Salesforce.
  • Converts the Accounts in Salesforce to Companies in ACT!
  • Converts the Contacts in Salesforce to Contacts in ACT! and links them to the Companies.
  • Also converts the future tasks, activity history, opportunities, and attachments
  • Includes all OAK!Merge Pro version features for use after the migration

What the Salesforce Data Migration kit brings in from Salesforce:

  • Salesforce users
  • accounts
  • contacts
  • leads
  • tasks
  • events
  • activity history
  • opportunities
  • attachments

Each migration kit includes 1 hour of telephone support for setup and conversion efforts. Custom conversion support is available from ACT! Consultants worldwide for an additional fee. The data migration kit does not import custom fields, hierarchies, reports, recurring activities, views, documents, cases, policies, or households. Some of this type information can be imported by OAK!Merge Pro, which is included. OAK!Merge Pro is an advanced powerful data import tool for technical users and consultants.

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