Fields and Tables to Excel Wizard


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Fields and Tables to Excel Wizard

This standalone Act! addon executable opens Excel, and creates a separate spreadsheet for every table (entity) within an Act! database.

Tables included are; Contact, Group, Company, Activity, Notes, Histories, Opportunity and Secondary Contact. Each spreadsheet lists all the fields and the following columns:

  • Display Name -- The name that shows on a layout
  • Table Name -- The internal name of the Act! table
  • Column Name -- The actual internal name of the field
  • Data Type -- Character, date/time, number, annual event, etc.
  • Length -- Size of field
  • Pick List -- Name of drop down list
  • Is Custom -- Yes/No -- is it a custom field
  • Is Defined -- Yes/No -- is it
  • Is Primary -- Yes/No -- is it a primary field
  • Allow Edit -- Yes/No -- Allow editing
  • Allow Blank -- Yes/No -- Allow blank fields
  • Allow Null -- Yes/No -- Allow null fields
  • Create History -- Yes/No -- Create history when updated
  • Trigger on Focus -- Shows the path if a trigger exists
  • Trigger on Lost Focus -- Shows the path if a trigger exists
  • Trigger on Change -- Shows the path if a trigger exists
  • Default Value -- Shows the default value if present

This extract is helpful if you are working on XML reports or with reporting tools such as Crystal.


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