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The essential Actcessory for CRM success

Tables for Act! is the custom table solution that most of our industry Actcessories are built upon, and is the easiest way to get the most out of Act!. Custom tables have been around since Act! 2008, and is a stable and mature technology that significantly increases the data management capability of Act!. 

What is a custom table?
A custom table is a subentity within your database that nests under Contacts, Companies, Groups, and/or Opportunites. These subentities create a flexible one-to-many data relationship under one or more of these primary tables, creating a spreadsheet type functionality under each. Unlike spreadsheets, though, each row represents a self-contained collection of data that can be linked to one or more contacts, companies, groups, or opportunities, and can also be reassigned to others after creation as needed.

In list view, custom tables look like a spreadsheet within one tab of your database that you can store an infinite amount of transactional information. Each time you need to add details for a new type of data (whether it be a mortgage, insurance policy, vehicle, or piece of equipment), click “Add” on that Tab's toolbar, and up would pop a form where you could enter all the pertinent data for that custom entity. When you clicked save and close, it would neatly add another line to your Tab’s spreadsheet, and this process can be repeated as often as needed.
This custom entity can also simultaneously be linked to the contact's Company, as well, allowing you to view them at the contact level, or roll up to see aggregate totals at the company level. For example, you could be tracking machines that you sold to different contacts within a company, but then pivot to the company level to see all the machines owned by the company as a whole. Powerful stuff.

Please note: License keys for subscription keys cannot be generated by the website, and may take up to one-two business days to fulfil dependng on the product and time of order. To avoid service disruption, please do not use trial licenses up to the last minute before placing online order.

** Licensing is based on per user/per database/per year

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