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Product Description

Since 1994 customers around the globe depend on Total Support HelpDesk for their Support Needs.

Fully integrated with Act! past (version 2015 - version 22)

Get control of your calls and emails 

For companies who provide:

  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Help Desk
  • Call Tracking

Tracks and measures inquiries from start to resolution

Your sales and support people will be able to answer questions quickly and accurately and provide better information to your customers. This system gives you complete time tracking and helps you keep control of your calls and emails.


  • Customize your inquiry screen. Create unlimited inquiry fields, map unlimited Act! fields.
  • View HelpDesk Inquiry right from the Act! contact record on a custom HelpDesk tab, or from a desktop app. This is a great feature for non-helpdesk users.
  • Hot Tips KnowledgeBase Search unlimited Hot Tips with a single key click. Fast multi-key access finds possible answers and solutions to the current issue. View information and launch graphics, web pages, or web URL right from you screen or easily tag relevant items for instant emailing to your customers. Uses HTML, graphics, web pages, and RTF formats.
  • Email System supporting in-bound POP, IMAP and GMail with SSL / TLS and out-bound SMTP and GMail.
  • Priority Escalation with Email Notification User-defined priority system can automatically escalate to a higher priority within user definable time durations. Optionally, select inquiry owner and/or other staff to automatically be notified via email when priority escalates. Useful for inquiries that reach critical status and notification of managers or responsible staff persons is desired.
  • Contract & Pre-Paid Support Tracking Track prepaid contracts based on incidents, date expiration, or pre-purchased time. Automatically update contact manager with balance of contract. Warn helpdesk staff when contract approaches user defined amount and/or when no time or units are left on contract.
  • Links Database Automatically link any Window's file or document to an inquiry. Drag and drop capability. Link documents, graphic files, emails or any valid windows file. Linked files automatically launched with a single key click.
  • Known Issues (Bug) Database Track known issues and bugs, expected completion dates, as well which customers are affected by and are waiting a fix or resolution to the known issue. Link your inquiry to a Known Issue.
  • Center View Designer lets you Link Act! Fields into Inquiry Display, including user-defined fields, in an open inquiry. Each field may be view only or view with edit permissions. Changing fields in inquiry instantly updates the fields in the Act! database. 
  • RMA System Track RMAs issued by your company. User-defined auto numbering.
  • Customize HTML Email Templates Editor built-in using WYSIWYG.
  • Task manager, Calendar, Scheduler, WorkFlow, iForms, Intake Forms, Launch Pad, Reporting, and so much more.
  • Automated Workflow

Product Tiers:

  • HelpDesk PRO (non-web)
    Lite Featured
    You own the software and license
    Includes first year Basic Care Plan
    Care Plan Optional to Renew Annually
  • HelpDesk Premium (non-web)
    Full Featured
    You own the software and license
    Includes first year Basic Care Plan
    Care Plan Optional to Renew Annually
  • HelpDesk Premium (non-web) Subscription 1 year
    Full Featured
    You rent the software and license
    Includes Plus Care Plan
    Minimum 2 user license
    Subscription Renews Annually

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