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The AddOn for Zip Codes and Counties

ZipTrac - County is an Act AddOn which allows you to update your database’s Contacts with the County corresponding to their Zip Code. You can filter out unnecessary states to optimize performance for your data set. You’ll also get a drop-down attached to the Zip Code, allowing you to look up all of the imported Zip Codes. Pick one, and the County will fill in automatically!

Configuration is easy Select the Zip Code and County fields you want to use, and follow a three-step process to add this AddOn’s features to your database.

ZipTrac - County

  • Save Time on Data Entry
    ZipTrac - County will automatically detect changes to a Contact’s Zip Code and update its County automatically.
  • Get the County for Each of Your Contacts
    ZipTrac - County can scan your entire database, updating your Contacts to set their County based on their Zip Code.
  • Always Current Data
    ZipTrac - County has its Zip Code and County data provided by GeoNames, and will automatically download the latest data from their website.


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